5 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2024 (Drag & Drop)

Firstly I question you, do you want to create a website without having to think about any coding? Hiring the best developer would do the trick, but could more cost you a lot of money. Hopefully, WordPress page builders nowadays make it possible to make a professional WordPress website easily all on your own, with no coding skills required.

In this content, we will compare the best drag and drop WordPress page builders for making a WordPress website.

Why We Should Use a Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder Plugin?

In a WordPress website, your website design firstly depends on your best theme. Most of the premium themes offer us tons of features for best customization, but they are too complex for normal users with no code skills to take full advantage of.

That is where drag and to drop WordPress free page builder plugins come in handy. The easily WordPress page builder plugin can give us the ability to build nice custom layouts and landing pages on your website.

With the page builder plugin, you can add any type of content to a page using ready-made drag and drop article elements blocks, modules, or widgets.

You can easily customize your website move, and arrange the article elements to design the best or unique site layouts. The best part is you will need zero coding skills to design made with a page builder.

You should know here page builders only for beginners or newbies? Not right or not really. Page builders also help any developers speed up when making custom designs and allow them to work for many more customers.

Let’s go ahead and check out the better drag and drop page builders for WordPress Website and Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins.

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WordPress Page Builder Plugins

1. Beaver Builder:

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is the best user-friendly WordPress website page builder plugin available on any marketplace. It is the true frontend visual editor that lets you design the best page with real-time previews.

Here I tell you Beaver Builder is one of the best and you can it easily drag and drop the article modules, edit, and make a landing page within a minute. There are plenty of powerful ready for use article/content modules. You can very easily customize each module with an easy use toolbar at the top position.

If anyone wants to begin with a template, there are over 35 professionally-designed templates available marketplace. Using a template allows anyone to make a webpage even faster by easily replace the sample content/article with your own article and all of the images.

Here you should know Beaver Builder is not only fully responsive but also a Gutenberg-ready plugin. It is available or simple both as a fully free and premium plugin. For any simple landing page, we can install its fully free version directly from the WordPress.org website.

Why We Use Beaver Builder? Beaver Builder is simple and easy for any beginner and beginner-friendly page builder that power anyone to make a stunning WordPress website. It is a great and best part for starters looking for an affordable WordPress website solution.

2. The Divi Builder:

divi builder

The Divi Builder is another powerful WordPress drag and drops easy page builder for WordPress. I tell you that similar to Beaver Builder and Visual Composer, Divi Builder is a true and easily WYSIWYG editor which lets anyone preview your design as you build.

If anyone using The Divi Builder plugin, then anyone can customize everything including your fonts, colors, sizing, spacing and etc, and create the best page layouts. There are 45 simple and flexible article elements that you can use for making a better page. You can easily organize the elements the way you want.

We also know the Divi Builder plugin works easily/perfectly with all of the WordPress websites. The Divi Builder includes over 20 made layout templates to quick-starting your design. If it allows anyone to make and save anyone’s own Divi layouts and import or export your layouts to using on other Divi websites.

The Divi Builder plugin is the foundation of the most popular Divi WordPress themes. However, you can use easily this plugin with any other themes. The usefulness of buying this plugin is that you will get entry to the entire bundle of premium all of the products by its company name is Elegant Themes.

Why We Use The Divi Builder? The Divi Builder is widely-used in the world as a page builder plugin, and it has received better positive user reviews. It’s the best and great Beaver Builder alternative and a superb option if you want to use other products from the company.

3. Visual Composer Website Builder:

visual composer

Visual Composer Website Builder is the most powerful drag and drops WordPress website builder. It allows anyone to make a stunning WordPress website quickly and very easily.

If you like Beaver Builder the Visual Composer plugin features a real-time and live editor which lets you see each change you make on the page easy instantly. You can directly click on any arena on your website page to edit and customize your article.

The Visual Composer comes with a bundle of most professional templates out of the box. There are the most powerful design options to customize the look of the element. Here you have full control over spaces, borders, background, parallax effects, and many more.

If most features are generally to Beaver Builder, Visual Composer can do anything. Anyone can also edit your WordPress website header, footer, menus, logo, sidebars, and etc.

A visual Composer is a great and best tool for both starters and any developers. A starter can quickly make a website in a short time, while any developers can Increase their workflow and make custom content/article elements and most powerful themes for their users.

4. Elementor:


Elementor is one of the great and most popular WordPress page builders available on the internet arena. It is a visual drag and drops editor that enables anyone to build a WordPress website in no time flat.

Herewith the Elementor, anyone can find over 80 design elements, including widgets, to generate more traffic/visitors and leads. Anyone easily can edit and customize each part of their website by simply or easily clicking on it directly.

Simple to other plugins on this list, it comes with ready-to-use templates. I tell here that anyone can import a template, easily and quickly customize its content/article, and publish a web page. It saves our a lot of time instantly.

The Elementor is a fully responsive and most popular plugin, so your site will look great and most likely on any type of device. It’s updated with the latest WordPress website version with the Block editor.

5. Themify Builder:

themify biulder

Themify Builder is a simple and easy drag and drops WordPress website page builder plugin that you can use simply. Like The Divi Builder, Themify Builder is also the most power of plugin behind the WordPress website themes made by Themify company. You can also here use this plugin easily with any other theme.

Themify Builder includes a large number of collection drag and drop modules and more than 40 exact professional templates specifically designed for different companies.

The plugin allows anyone to edit your pages from the backend or the frontend. In both types of interfaces, anyone can freely move the modules and around and customize them fully. Here anyone can gather the modules in rows and columns, and make grids with ease.

We know that Themify Builder also has 60+ animation effects out of the box to create your pages visually engaging. The core Themify Builder plugin is fully free of cost. However, anyone can buy their Addon Bundle for advanced modules.

Final Thoughts About The Above Plugins:

Finally, after our review of the top 5 WordPress website drag and drop page builders, we can actually confidently say that Beaver Builder is the best and most choiceful. Its general interface coupled with the most powerful features makes it the best page builder for WordPress Website.

Now, however, if you are looking for a complete WordPress website builder with options to edit website headers, footers, and menus, you can easily use the Visual Composer WordPress website builder.

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