Namecheap Review: Cheap Web Hosting and Domain Name

Namecheap Review covers cheap web hosting, domain name, SSL, email, and web base service from Namecheap Inc.


Stellar Plus

Stellar Business

Normally  $2.88
24/mo term

Normally $4.88
24/mo term

Normally $8.88
24/mo term

Save 50% for 2 Years

Save 50% for 2 Years

Save 50% for 2 Years

You pay $33.44 — Renews at $66.88/2 years

You pay $57.44 — Renews at $114.88/2 years

You pay $104.44 — Renews at $208.88/2 years

3 Websites
Domain Name 

Unmetered SSD
Unlimited Websites
Domain Name 

Unlimited Websites
AutoBackup & Cloud Storage
Domain Name 

Namecheap is one of the most popular hosting and domain company names where searching millions of people daily for their needed hosting plan and various domain names. Most of the people in the world know that Namecheap is provided only domain but they don’t know that Namecheap provides different hosting plans always. We know that Namecheap founded in 2000. Namecheap control about 12 million domains and near about 3 million hosting users. On the other hand, this hosting provider company provides free strong SSL service for any website’s security.

Besides, Namecheap’s client service is the best than other companies such as Hostgator, Bluehost, Wp Engine, and many more companies. When we face any problem from the Namecheap hosting and domains then we can get overall help from the largest company name is Namecheap. SSL installation, domain settings, and hosting problem we can resolve at any time for Namecheap’s support. Recently there are many people in the world well known about the Namecheap for its various help.

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Namecheap Hosting Review

namecheap review

There are many users already well known about this hosting provider. Namecheap’s hosting is very fast at this time than any other company. Namecheap has three hosting plans as Stellar, Stellar Plus, and Stellar Business. These are the shared hosting package. Besides, Namecheap has a WordPress hosting plan and this is the best hosting plan such as Stellar, Stellar Plus, and Stellar Business plans.

Nowadays, Namecheap hosting users near about three million for its various benefits. We know that all of the people in the whole world who are hosting users continuously know about Namecheap. We also know that every black Friday and cyber Monday Namecheap get million of clients for their WordPress sites. We also know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best time for getting cheap shared hosting and WordPress hosting from the Namecheap.

We also know that Namecheap’s WordPress hosting and shared hosting is not final for us. It has reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Many business holders own buying the reseller hosting for their own business. VPS hosting from the Namecheap using the various news sites in the world. Totally here we can tell the Namecheap is better than other hosting companies. So, I am tried to tell that Namecheap is the biggest name in the hosting and domain services.

Namecheap Domain Review

namecheap domain review

When we are trying to build a website or blog in WordPress CMS then we need a domain name. The domain is the first process to build a website or blog. Here I am trying to give you that Namecheap is the better place for getting a cheap rated domain which is the top-level domain. We know that daily based in the whole world near about 20 thousand websites creating and most of domain buying from Namecheap for its better services. Many people know that Namecheap is a domain-provided company and when we face to Namecheap website then there we see a domain search box for all people. So, we can understand that Namecheap is the better place for a better domain which is a cheap rate than other domain companies.

On the other hand, all the people don’t know how many people use the domain name from Namecheap. Here I am trying to tell to all people that Namecheap handles near about 12 million domains. So here we can guess about the Namecheap domain and its users. Not only any specific arena but also overall places in the whole world when a man trying to buy a domain name then they firstly remember the name of Namecheap.

Cheap Rate Domain From Namecheap

There are many domain companies in the world that sell their domain at various prices, Namecheap is one of them. Namecheap’s domain prices are the lowest than other companies. At regular prices, Namecheap sells its domain an $8.88 yearly package. Sometimes this company delivered us the lowest price for its domain name. Every Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best time to buy a domain name from Namecheap. Every Black Friday we can buy a domain name for about $5 from Namecheap. On the other hand, various domain such as .xyz is the cheap rate from Namecheap. Its price is .99 cent is all time for all people.

So, here I have tried to tell all of the people in the whole world that if you want to buy the best domain name and from the best prices then you should search the name of Namecheap in the various search engines.

Near about 12 million domain users is the great graph for reputation in Namecheap. Namecheap is the first domain company that has 12 million domain users, but no other company could not gather millions of domain users. So, we should understand that domain support is the main object of the Namecheap company. On the other hand, the domain buying process is the best way in Namecheap. When we are trying to renew our domain next year then we need not give them extra prices. But all of the other companies’ domains when we want to renew next year then they charge us extra money than previous years.

So, we are called here that Namecheap is the best place for buying a domain name than any other company. For the last 5 years, Namecheap is the first choice for all domain users and owners of any website. We also know that Namecheap has near about 10 million searchers searching monthly at various topics such as domains and hosting prices.

When we tell about Namecheap then any people have known about the domain and hosting company Namecheap. All of the people such as users of the domain known to that increasing search results day by day for various helping from Namecheap.

SSL Service From Namecheap

namecheap ssl certificates

SSL service is the most important way from the Namecheap company. When people buy a hosting package such as shared hosting then he/she gets a free SSL from the Namecheap. Even from the support section added the SSL with any domain with some request. From the Namecheap, SSL is free for one year with any shared hosting. If anyone buys Stellar plus and Stellar business hosting plan then they get unlimited SSL for unlimited domains. SSL using for high security from any hackers from the world. When expired the SSL then we can renew with some money from Namecheap.

Easy Way Migrate to Namecheap:

Here I have to try to all of the people about migrating any website from any hosting department. If anyone wants to try to migrate their website from another hosting then we can get super help from the Namecheap support department. We should live chat with the Namecheap help center when we migrate our website from another hosting company. We know every day thousand of websites migrate from another hosting company to Namecheap. Here I am trying to give you an example that Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostpapa, and various hosting companies are decreasing for the great company of Namecheap. Daily based many websites run on this hosting company for its various services. The migration system is difficult but when you move to Namecheap then it’s an easy way for all of us.

Whois Guard is Namecheap:

Whois guard is one of the best ways for site security. When anyone buys a hosting package from Namecheap then he/she gets free which guard from Namecheap. Whois guard needs all of the websites for their better security. Many of hosting company in the world does not give free whois guard for websites security. So, Namecheap is the best way for getting a high-security system called is whois guard.

Help Center in Namecheap:

When we faced any problem in Namecheap hosting and domain then we can resolve it by the Namecheap help center. Namecheap’s live chat is very helpful for its users. There are many experts who are always helping Namecheap’s hosting and domain users. We also know that 24 hours get help from the Namecheap help center for a little problem. When you knock on the help center then anyone expert in the Namecheap answers your questions.

CDN in Namecheap:

CDN means the content delivery network is the best from any other company. We all of the people who are using Namecheap hosting and domain know that Namecheap CDN is the best from any other CDN in the world.

Domain Transfer One Account to Another Account:

Domain transfer from one account to another Namecheap account is a one-click process that is the best and easy way in Namecheap facilities. When if you try another companies domain transfer one account to another account then you see that it’s a difficult process that not easy in Namecheap.

Final Thoughts:

Above I tried all of the facilities from Namecheap which will be helpful for all of Namecheap hosting and domain users. Actually, Namecheap is the best and most famous online hosting company which gives us to create the best website without various difficulties. I suggest you if you should create a WordPress website/blog then firstly you need a very helpful and very active hosting which will be helpful for you and here I support you that Namecheap is the best not only domain but also all hosting package in Namecheap.