100+ PDF Submission Sites List 2024 (High DA & PR)

PDP Submission Sites List is one of the great way for content ranking in Google. Most of people in the world nowadays, want to read PDF version content by the downloading option. We know PDF version off page SEO is most important for create content in Google. When all of users in Online want to read PDF version then they download PDF version content from online. So, here I am discussing about PDF content and how to use PDF submission will successful for getting more backlink for huge traffic in different search engines.

What is PDF Submission Sites Online

Actually PDF  submission is way to get more traffic from online. If you want to submit a PDF content to your blog then it will be showing on Google search result and many of people in the world getting reach your content by PDF system. Most likely if you want to get more backlink then you can submit your blog post by the PDF systems and it will be index on Google and you will get more traffic from the online.

On the other hand, PDF submission sites is the mostly off page SEO and it is very important for getting high quality backlink and possibility to get more traffic from online world. If you submit your content like as PDF then most of users use this content for their different need. So, any blogger in the world if want to submit their content like as PDF then they can publish their valuable content with PDF systems.

Why PDF Submission is Very Important for You

We know that PDF submission sites is most important for off page SEO. We also know that PDF systems is very helpful for getting better backlink. When you submit your websites to different PDF websites then you can get more traffic and actually PDF sites provide valuable backlink to different blog and websites. We also know that backlink is most important for better ranking in Google and any other search engines.

On the other hand, if you follow to backlink then many of websites have million of backlinks and that are high ranking on different search engines. Without high quality content no other content can not rank to the search engines. So, here we are understanding that PDF submission sites list is very essential for all of bloggers in the world. If we search to Google about PDF submission sites list then we can get many of PDF submission sites list for create backlink by PDF systems.

We also know that PSD submission sites provide us dofollow and nofollow backlink. but both of links are most valuable and most important for getiing high ranking on Google and most of search engines.

We know most of SEO expert in fiverr and other freelance company provide PDF link to different websites. If we can use or Submit such as to hundred of  PDF sites then we can get more dofollow and nofollow backlink that are most valuable for off page SEO.

Which PDF Submission Sites Are valuable for Backlink

Firstly, here I suggest you and all of users online that when you selected your content will submit to different PDF submission sites then you can delect which sites are most valuable and has best Google DA and PA. If you select most valuable PDF submission sites and submit your blog post there after some days Google and many tools are showing your backlink high and that is most important for all of blog and websites in the world.

On the other hand, if you submit your blog to low-value PDF sites then you can carry low valuable backlink and that is not helpful for you and your websites. So, here I highly recommended that firstly should high DA and high PA sites for submitting your content for getting better backlink.

Most of people in the world immediately searching PDF file and they download it from online for read first to last. Do here I am telling you that if you want to get most important backlink for getting better rank then you should follow PDF submission sites for create high-quality content. Without high-quality PDF submission sites you could not get more and valuable backlink for better ranking.

How to Submit PDF File to PDF Submission Sites Easily

1. Firstly you should create PDF version content and if it is well then it will be easily submitted to different PDF submission sites for getting well and most valuable backlink.

2. Secondly Signup and create your profile to PDF sites for submitting your blog post.

3. Thirdly, upload your file to correct categories and put your correct title, tag, description, and other option you will fill up for uploading.

4. Submit your blog post and you can discover the live URL from the PDF file. If you see your live URL on your PDF sites then sure you could submit your content to the PDF sites well.

5. After that you can submit most of the content to the very important PDF submission sites for getting better backlinks continuously.

Now, I highly recommended that below all of PDF submission sites list are most important and has high DA and PA and if you submit your article there then you can get most of better backlink undoubtedly.

100+ PDF Submission Sites list can give you thousands of backlinks for your blog post great ranking and then you receive millions of traffic monthly.

Let’s see below PDF submission sites that will be great and most powerful for your websites and blog clearly.

S.No. Website Url DA Difficulty
1 slideshare.net 96 Very Hard
2 issuu.com 95 Very Hard
3 scribd.com 94 Very Hard
4 calameo.com 92 Very Hard
5 lulu.com 90 Very Hard
6 mediafire.com 90 Moderate
7 box.com 88 Hard
8 smashwords.com 87 Hard
9 4shared.com 87 Easy
10 zoho.com 85 Moderate
11 rapidshare.com 83 Moderate
12 sendspace.com 82 Moderate
13 box.net 81 Moderate
14 wattpad.com 81 Moderate
15 docstoc.com 79 Moderate
16 gamefront.com 78 Moderate
17 yudu.com 77 Moderate
18 keepandshare.com 75 Moderate
19 letitbit.net 75 Moderate
20 depositfiles.com 73 Moderate
21 feedbooks.com 72 Moderate
22 authorstream.com 72 Moderate
23 manybooks.net 71 Moderate
24 sliderocket.com 70 Moderate
25 mininova.org 68 Moderate
26 filefactory.com 68 Hard
27 free-ebooks.net 68 Moderate
28 en.pdf24.org 67 Moderate
29 thinkfree.com 67 Moderate
30 zshare.net 67 Moderate
31 esnips.com 67 Moderate
32 hotfile.com 66 Moderate
33 divshare.com 65 Moderate
34 isohunt.com 65 Moderate
35 rapidshare.de 65 Moderate
36 fileden.com 64 Moderate
37 slideboom.com 64 Moderate
38 datafilehost.com 62 Moderate
39 officelive.com 61 Moderate
40 edocr.com 61 Moderate
41 2shared.com 60 Moderate
42 speedyshare.com 60 Moderate
43 tizag.com 59 Moderate
44 ziddu.com 59 Moderate
45 uploading.com 59 Moderate
46 ioffer.com 58 Moderate
47 badongo.com 58 Moderate
48 memoware.com 58 Moderate
49 freepdfhosting.com 57 Moderate
50 uploaded.to 56 Moderate
51 filestube.com 55 Moderate
52 easy-share.com 55 Moderate
53 crocko.com 55 Moderate
54 libraryelf.com 55 Moderate
55 slideserve.com 54 Moderate
56 huddle.net 53 Moderate
57 freecomputerbooks.com 52 Moderate
58 senduit.com 52 Moderate
59 gigasize.com 51 Moderate
60 e-library.net 51 Moderate
61 mirrorcreator.com 50 Moderate
62 yourfilelink.com 49 Moderate
63 turboupload.com 49 Moderate
64 powershow.com 49 Moderate
65 ifile.it 48 Moderate
66 wikiupload.com 48 Moderate
67 pdfcast.org 47 Moderate
68 torrentportal.com 45 Moderate
69 examcollection.com 45 Moderate
70 megafileupload.com 44 Moderate
71 files.com 44 Moderate
72 myplick.com 43 Moderate
73 fliiby.com 43 Moderate
74 uploadingit.com 43 Moderate
75 glasscubes.com 43 Moderate
76 bigupload.com 42 Moderate
77 knowfree.net 41 Moderate
78 filecloud.io 41 Moderate
79 yudufreedom.com 40 Moderate
80 hdoxtop.com 40 Moderate
81 leokrut.com 39 Moderate
82 snipfiles.com 38 Moderate
83 hwisdomebooks.com 37 Moderate
84 wepapers.com 37 Moderate
85 host-a.net 37 Moderate
86 slingfile.com 36 Moderate
87 slideworld.com 35 Moderate
88 gazhoo.com 32 Moderate
89 bitroad.net 32 Moderate
90 docuter.com 32 Moderate
91 bookswealth.com 31 Moderate
92 kewlshare.com 29 Moderate
93 midupload.com 28 Moderate
94 ebooks-uk.com 26 Moderate
95 pdf-submission-site.info 25 Moderate
96 doocu.co 24 Moderate

These are the quality sites for PDF Submission Sites List to submit your pdf with do-follow backlinks of your article links.