15+ Best Team Member WordPress Plugins In 2024 [Updated]

Firstly, here I am telling you that if you want to create a WordPress blog or a WordPress website then you can use a team member’s WordPress plugins for better using WordPress websites. A team member plugin means you will need tools to display to your teams what will be beneficial for all of your WordPress users. Here I also tell you that if you are a WordPress user then you are best lucky. There are many team member plugin is available here.

On the other hand, if you use a team member plugin then you don’t need to hire a web developer but you can use it easily. If anyone wants to add a team member plugin then they can use it easily for proper work in WordPress.

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Below I am sharing 15 team member plugin which is very useful for WordPress blog and websites.

1. WP Team Pro:

WP Team Pro team member plugin is very essential for all WordPress users. This plugin showcase all of the member who is activating to your website. We know this is the plugin that helps us that all of the workers in WordPress can be added all in one place easily. This plugin has 8+ unique layouts and 14+ member details input which can help WordPress users and can help all of workers image and all of the information gather in one place which can see all of the internet people in a minute.

wp team pro

2. Team Members:

This is the free and best Team Member WordPress Plugins and created by the WP Darko. This plugin helps you that if you want to gather all of the people who are working on your WordPress site. Sometimes we are following that some websites display their author in one place and this plugin is that plugin is can gather all of WordPress author or writer gather in one place. So, it is very essential for us who are using WordPress always.

If you want all of the writer to gather in one place then it needs to one click and it is easy for us. On the other hand, you can add all of the images and social share buttons in one place by one clicking. So best team member WordPress plugin is the best for WordPress users.

If you want its pro version then you can but the free version has unlimited features which help you always.

team members plugin

3. Cherry Team Members:

This is another best WordPress plugin and created by the developer Zemez. It is one of the best team member plugins that can use for gathering all of the features which we need always for WordPress. If you use Elementor pro then you can use the Cherry team members plugin which must be better for your WordPress website. On the other hand, if you want to edit your theme then you can easily by this plugin. But when you use images and some features then you should must some coding for these features.

Lastly, I am telling you that Cherry Team Members which is the best team member WordPress plugin which needs you for creating the best features for WordPress.

cherry team member plugin

4. TLP Team Pro:

TLP Team Pro is one of the best premium team plugins. This plugin has 33 layouts and it has unlimited color. We also know that it has a carousel slider, grid, table, and isotope. I t has also gorgeous colors and layouts that are best helpful for WordPress websites. If you want to resize your images then can it help easily? It can help us POT files and can create social buttons such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and many more. On the other hand, it has also a free version plugin that can you grab from WordPress.

tlp team pro

5. Team Showcase WordPress Plugin:

Here I am describing that the team showcase WordPress plugin is the best one. It is from the CodeCanyon. We know that this is a premium version plugin which already sold out near about 6000+ for its various facilities. This plugin has various design option which you can use properly if you want. It can create a table layout and thumbnail layout properly. So, if you want to buy then you can use it for your WordPress team plugin.

team showcase plugin

6. Our Team Showcase:

This is the free version team member plugin to which you can add your WordPress websites. It has many layouts such as if you want to add all of the people who are working to your websites and add their link, social link, images, email, and many other options easily. If you need their profiles then you can create and add this menu or widgets. If you want to use it for drag and drop then you can it for your WordPress websites. Drag and drop is their best option and can you add for easy.

It has a pro version and if you want to add then can you get an additional option for all sections. So, Our Team Showcase is the best team member plugins to create various options.

our team member plugings

7. The Team Pro:

This is another great team member plugin created by CodeCanyon elite developer. It has already sold near about 2300+ and with a rating of 4.71. Here you can gather your team members such as normal grid and list appearance and use them such as circles using a modal to show the date when then click. There has a visual composer and that can help create responsive display easily.

If you want to buy this plugin then you can get it for only$20 and after then you can get various features for WordPress websites.

the team pro

8. Essential Addons for Elementor:

We know that Elementor is one of the best free and pro version plugins for WordPress users. If you use Elementor then you can use Essential Addons for Elementor for getting various features. We also know that Elementor is the best page builder plugin and it using many bloggers in the world. Elementor addons for Elementor can improve your experience and can you get more facilities when you use both of them. It easily helps you when you create boxes then it will be nice looking that is called beautiful features.

So, I am telling all of you that Essential Addons is the best and most useful when you using the Elmentor plugin for your WordPress websites.

elementor addons

9. WP Project Manager:

We know that the WP Project manager is not a showcase plugin. We know it is the best team management plugin which helps you who are working on your website it can give you a list easily. With this plugin, you can start your project and you can add to a list that is essential for you all of the projects and you discuss all of the matter with your team member broadly.

Here I am telling all of you that you can be motivated all of your team members with this plugin. If you want to download the free version then you can download this easily from wordpress.

wp project manager

10. Kanban Boards for WordPress:

Kanban boards are another best team member WordPress plugin that helps you to various sections. It is the Shophitacated than the above all tools. It helps like Trello for WordPress cause this is the same system just present in WordPress. I called here that this plugin is not too above all. If you want to create a column then you can this. On the other hand, team members can move from one column to another column easily.

It is helping when streamlining the process while seeing the largest pictures. So, here we can be called it this is the column addons plugin which helps all of WordPress users.

kanban boards plugin

11. Team Builder:

Team Builder plugin is the nearly same as Team Builder pro but has little comparison and it has some great features such as specific design stylish which is the better specific brands. When if you looking for a minimal design then you can select this great plugin for your WordPress websites. Here you can add a tool to display that is good for the best feature.

If you use this plugin then it could be done with other plugins. So, here I am telling you that the Team Builder plugin is the most beautiful for WordPress.

team builder

12. GS Team Members:

Here is the plugin created by GS Plugins. Here we know that it is a free plugin and has very important features that created a better design for your WordPress blog and if you use this plugin then you can get some templates.

On the other hand, it has a premium version and has some features such as great support, Custom CSS, GS Team widget, extra templates, and GS Team shortcode which must helpful for this plugin. If you want to buy it then you need to pay $20 and if you want to get it for a lifetime then you should pay $90.

So, I am telling you that it has a free and premium version and you can you a free or paid version for your blog designing.

gs team members

13. WP Team Display:

WP Team Display is another great plugin created by the team at JoomUnited. It is one of another featuring team member WordPress plugin in the WordPress world. When you installed then it helps you flowchart of the people available in the team and they display all of them. If anyone wants to use it then it can block Gutenburg easily. When you use it then you click on a person then it discovered all of the information from them.

So, it is a very essential plugin for WordPress and it has various features that need all WordPress users.

wp team display

14. Divi Team Members:

Here firstly, I am telling you that this plugin is only for Divi theme users. Before if you don’t know about this plugin then I am discussing them here. This popular plugin created by the team at Elegant Themes. If you know about WordPress then you know about Divi themes. It is one of the best themes nowadays in the world.

This plugin gives you a lot of offers which can be helpful for you. It has various features such as it can edit and display your team member on your website. It has 56 layout style for team member modules. 56 layouts for grid modules and you can discover when you use it easily. If you want this plugin then you should pay $80 but all features are here.

divi member plugin

15. Soliloquy:

This is a slider plugin and has great features that are essential for team member plugin users. It is the best Team Member WordPress Plugins plugin and has endless demand for creating WordPress blogs and websites. If this is a slider plugin but it can display all of the members who are users in WordPress. When you need to display your users then you can create this easily.

When you need to display your members as a slider then you create properly. So, it is the best and user-friendly plugin that can create the best slider than any other plugins.

soliloquy member plugin


Above all of the plugins are most important for various features. If you want to create a team member plugins WordPress site then you can use these plugins for various facilities.  These are the best Team Member WordPress Plugins. We sometimes see that many blogs showing they are all of the workers frontside of their blog. Then they are using a team member WordPress plugin that can create the best of features to display all of them.

So, lastly, I am telling you that if you want to create a WordPress blog with displaying members then you should use the above plugin which will helpful for you.