10+ Best Keyword Research Tools for Better SEO in 2024

Keyword research tools are one of the crucial matter for modern SEO in the online world. At this time without keyword research, no one can not grow online traffic to their blog and websites. Best keyword research tools can you help to select the best keyword for writing the best blog post. We know there are many keyword research tools that are most important for blog SEO and can it help you select a perfect keyword for the new blog post.

So, here I am trying to give you the 10 best keyword research tools activity and which is the most important for SEO research at this time.

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10 Best Keyword Research Tools

1. SEMrush:

SEMrush keyword research tools

SEMrush is the best keyword research tool nowadays. We are many bloggers who firstly choose this tool for keyword research. SEMrush is not a keyword research tool but it gives us a very important keyword which is already ranked in Google for other people. When we check about many keywords to SEMrush then this tool gives us the best result from different search engines. So, I am telling you that if you want to use any keyword research tools then you should need firstly use SEMrush.


  • It has uncovered long-tail keyword and ad group ideas
  • Get easily yearly keyword trends
  • Get here worldwide CPC statistics
  • Can to access completely keyword research toolkit
  • Can here keyword difficulty research easily.

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2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer:


Ahrefs is one of the other best keyword research tools that can give us very facilities for keyword ideas at this time. When anyone wants to research keywords to Ahrefs then this tool shows up various ideas for getting the ideal keyword for writing a blog post. On the other hand, this keyword research tool gives us a clear keyword position rest and how many backlinks the specific sites can show up this easily. Besides, many other results for any blog can we get from the Ahrefs keyword research tools.


  • Can get you accurate keyword difficulty result
  • Can you easily get 1000+ keywords suggestions?
  • It supported about 180 countries
  • Click and get improving CTR
  • It gives us an extensive SERP overview

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3. Google Keyword Planner:

google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is one of the best keyword research tools which can help us with keyword volume results. Millions of people in the world using these free tools for getting the right keywords. When we want to select the best keyword then we search Google keyword planner for getting the perfect keywords for better ranking. Those who are using Google Adsense are using continuously Google Keyword planner for the best keyword.


  • You can select a local keyword for Adsense
  • You can get here accurate keyword volume
  • The accurate choice for business websites.
  • Country-based keyword research

4. KWFinder:


KWFinder is one of the other best keyword research tools that can help us with low competition keyword research. If anyone wants to get exactly a low competitive keyword then they can select these keyword research tools for better ranking. KWFinder is a tool designed by mangonels for delivering the best keyword research. So, I am telling you here that this is the best low competitive keyword research tool for all people in the world.


  • Easy to the user interface
  • Any language’s keyword research
  • Get here a powerful keyword
  • Get exact keyword competition
  • Depth SERP overview and a list of suggestions
  • Can you filter to refine the keywords list

5. GrowthBar:


GrowthBar is one of the other best keyword research tools. If anyone wants to research keywords then they can research any keyword for free and paid version on this tool. If anyone wat to know their future competitor then they can find out their competitor easily by these keyword research tools. On the other hand, if anyone wants to get keyword difficulty then can using these tools. So, it is the best tool that gives us various facilities for keyword research.


  • Get keyword rank tracking
  • Get accurate difficulty
  • Get long-tail keyword suggestions
  • Get exportable keyword data
  • Count on-page SEO

6. Long Tail Pro:

long tail pro

Long-tail Pro is one of the other best keyword research tools for getting suitable keywords for writing blog posts. Many famous bloggers in the world using Long Tail Pro for getting the best keyword. If you want to use these tools then you can hear keyword difficulty and volume result easily. When you use these tools then you can get your major competitor’s name. On the other hand, if you want to research long-tail keywords then you can use these tools. It is very useful for long-tail keyword research.


  • Powerful and detailed long-tail keyword detects
  • Finding easily long-tail keywords
  • Get organic traffic by using these tools
  • 2500+ SERP lookups for every 24 hours

7. Majestic:


Majestic is another powerful keyword research tool at this time in the world. Here you can research your keyword for the free and paid version. If you use the paid version then you can get all of the facilities from these tools. Free users can not give us to fulfill data from our websites and competitors. Basically, it is the new website’s keyword research tool. If you a newbie on blogging then you can use these tools for getting your site’s position and get your main competitor. So, here I am telling you that Majestic is the best keyword research tool for getting all new websites all information.


  • Here are all SEO features available for the single toolkit
  • You can get your target phrases keywords
  • You can research all keywords competition
  • You can here be TRusted vs authority graph for websites analysis

8. Keyword Tool:

keyword tool

If anyone wants to find out all of the best keywords then they can use these keyword research tools easily. Here I highly recommended that if you want to get all of the keyword data from your websites and your competitors then you should use these tools. Nowadays, it is the top keyword research tool that uses a majority of bloggers in the world, and it’s called the top keyword research tool in these times. So, here I am telling you that it is undoubtedly the best SEO keyword research tool for getting the exact keyword for creating your new websites.


  • Here find great keyword for Google search engine
  • Can you use social media analysis easily?
  • You can export results to CSV
  • It is the simple UX FOR starters
  • Easily find out your competitor’s keywords

9. Serpstat:


Serpstat is one of the other best word famous keyword research tools. Many bloggers daily based using these tools for getting better keywords for Google’s ranking. If anyone wants to use this tool then they can use it free and paid version. We also know that keyword research is the most important way for selecting the best keyword. If we firstly select our keyword which difficulty is high then we could not get a higher rank. Because already which keyword is ranked its page authority is best. So, firstly we should that keyword which is normal means that’s difficulty is normal or below 30. Here I am telling you that it is the best keyword tool that can be most helpful for you.


  • Here you can find out your most competitor
  • Here find out any keyword difficulty
  • Here you can find out keyword trends
  • You can easily competitor analysis
  • you can find out below 30 difficulty keywords

10. Moz Keyword Explorer:

moz toolbar

Moz is a famous website in the world. Who we are running in the blogging fiend we are well known about Moz. When we want to check about the blog’s keyword ranking, backlink checker, outbound link, and internal link then we check our website on Moz. When we are checking our competitors then we follow this website. On the other hand, Moz is the famous keyword analysis in the world. If we want to get all of the data from our websites and from our competitors then we use Moz and we get all of the data from these websites.

Besides, we also know that Moz gives us all keyword difficulty, search volume, lowest difficulty keyword, and higher difficulty keyword checker. So, We can tell that in hundred of SEO tools Moz is the best and trusted than other tools undoubtedly.


  • Get here most related keyword suggestion
  • Can we get here Organic CTR range
  • Moz offers us one free month trial
  • Moz result is 100% accurate
  • Moz gives us all keywords rankings


Lastly, here I am telling that above all the SEO tools are most important for keyword research. Without keyword research we could not find out what’s keywords should we use in our blog post. Above some of the plugins are paid and some of the free keyword tools. If you want to free use some of the plugins then you can easily but the paid version is most effective than free trials.

So, most of the bloggers in the world using all of the plugins some of the free and paid plugins. Totally here we guess that without keyword analysis or keyword research we can not think well blogging on the internet fields. So, if you want you can use any tools from the above tools.