7+ Best WordPress Plugins For Beginners In 2024

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms at this moment. We know millions of people in the world use WordPress for their own business. Now here I will discuss the best WordPress plugins. We also know that when you use a WordPress blog then you must use WordPress plugins for various purposes. If we do not use some plugins then we can not create our WordPress blog.

We know that there thousands of plugins running at this moment in the WordPress world. We also know that some plugins are most essential for our WordPress websites. If we don’t use these plugins then we could not think about WordPress blogs.

On the other hand, if we use WordPress plugins then our blogs can be helping from various steps. So, you know that WordPress plugins are the most essential for WordPress users.

Here I am describing to you 7 WordPress plugins that are the most essential for your WordPress sites. Without these plugins, you can think about your WordPress blog in a second.

Besides, here are 7 plugins that are so useful for your WordPress websites. When we want to SEO on our websites then we use the most useful WordPress plugins. If you want to use proper On-Page SEO then you must need some SEO plugins that can be helpful for your websites.

On the other hand, if you don’t use some SEO plugins with your WordPress websites then you can not higher rank to different search engines in the world. The example here is if you use the SEO Yoast plugin then you can use proper SEO settings for your WordPress blog and websites.

After that, millions of people in the world launch their websites with WordPress blogs that must helpful for better ranking to different search engines. We use multiple plugins with our WordPress websites for better page SEO. Besides, when we are transferring our websites then we use different WordPress plugins for easy transfer of our websites.

On the other hand, when we want to see our website’s traffic then we use some WordPress plugins that can help us with seeing total daily, monthly and yearly traffic easily. Here I am telling also you that if you are using ad placement then you can put some plugins which are most useful for you.

Let’s see which is the best plugins that help you the best for WordPress websites. Below I am sharing about 7 plugins that are the best for using WordPress websites at all times.

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1. Yoast SEO:

yoast plugin

Yoast is the most powerful plugin at this time as the best SEO. We know already millions of people in the WordPress world use this plugin for better SEO on their blog sites. Without Yoast SEO we can not think about on-page SEO properly. Most WordPress users in the world using these plugins for their better SEO that can help rank in Google search engine. This Yoast SEO plugin is most popular not only for on-page SEO settings but also for everyone who can check their post’s readability certainly.

If anyone uses this plugin then they put better on-page SEO settings and can grow their online traffic certainly. Without on-page SEO we can not think of our best blog post. Google firstly count on-page SEO for a blog post clearly. So, all of the On-page SEO plugins Yoast SEO plugin is the best than others. When we see how many people already installed that is surprised.

On the other hand, if anyone’s question that which is the best SEO plugin then we firstly answered them that SEO Yoast is the best SEO plugin for better blogging. SEO Yoast’s competitors can not reach this plugin by installing smoothly. I am telling you that without the Yoast SEO plugin none of the blogs can not growing on-page SEO the best

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Key Features:

  • You can best optimize your blog posts and page with description easily
  • You know how much optimized your blog post and pages
  • You can know how much optimized your total posts
  • Can your content readability increase
  • Premium tools can help you using meta keywords
  • You can put your focus keyword means your post main keyword
  • You can add posts description which has limitations

2. UpdraftPlus:

updrafts plugin

We know daily based on many websites hacked by various hackers. If you want to safe your websites then you can use this best WordPress plugin clearly. On the other hand, We know daily bases near about above 30 thousand websites get hacked and we can not protect our websites from the hacker. So if you want safe your WordPress websites then you can use this plugin for the best.

We know most WordPress users using a minimum of 10 plugins for various working on their websites. Many websites receive monthly updates and get safety from various effects. So, if you want to get safety then you must use security plugins that protect your websites properly. UpdraftPlus is one of the best WordPress security plugins which must you protect from various effects.

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  • You can create automatic backups or can manual backups with this plugin
  • You can store your backup locally or on the cloud
  • You can restore your backup from the previous store.
  • Can you protect your all of website if use this plugin
  • It is the most popular backup plugin for WordPress websites.

3. Akismet:

akismet plugin

We have well known that Akismet is one of the best spam comment protectors. We also know that many people in the world commenting on various websites for getting backlinks. A backlink is the most essential point for a website. If you don’t create the backlink of your website then you could not rank your websites to various search engines.

So, Akismet here is the valuable spam comment protector plugin that protects your websites well. We see many of comment to our blogs can not reach in our websites fro Akismet using. So here we can tell that if you want to save your websites from spam comments then you can use this plugin for your protection.

4. Jetpack:

jetpack plugin

Jetpack is one of the multipurpose plugins which is essential for discovering visitor or traffic. When we see how many people use Jetpack then we see millions of people in the world already uses this plugin for their WordPress websites. Jetpack helps us to seeing total visitors such as daily, monthly, and yearly based.

On the other hand, Jetpack can safe our websites from various hackers. Here jetpack is the most powerful plugin which can protect any website from different hackers. If anyone wants to do hacked your website then they could not enter your websites easily.

5. Wordfence:

wordfence plugin

Wordfence is one of the best security plugins in WordPress. Many people in the world who are using WordPress blog they must use this plugin for their blog’s high security. If anyone hacker wants to enter the other websites then they can not enter any websites for this plugin. We know we should use some security plugins for the security of our website.

Besides, already near about 3 million WordPress users used this plugin for better security. If anyone tries to get your websites easily then they could not enter your websites for hacking. So I am telling you that if you use the Wordfence security plugin then must you would be helpful for the best security for any website.

6. Elementor:

elementor plugin

Nowadays, Elementor is one of the best WordPress plugins for creating the best WordPress websites. With this plugin, we can customize our websites in different ways. Near about 3 million people already use this plugin for better settings for their WordPress websites. Elementor can various helps us to create different websites such as we can by this plugin table create, button create, and many other facilities we get from this plugin.

On the other hand, we can build our websites with Elementor. Actually, Elementor is the best page builder plugin that uses various WordPress users for their own WordPress websites. So, we can tell here that this is the super plugin for any WordPress user.

7. W3Total Cache:

w3total cache

W3Total Cache is one of the best WordPress plugins in the WordPress world. If you want to create the smallest cache cookies then must you help with this plugin. We know millions of people in the world use this plugin for creating their’s websites cache cookies. When we search for different search engines then we get many famous websites and see already this website using this plugin for easy loading time.

Besides, we know who are WordPress users that if we use w3total cache then our websites get first loading than other sites. So, if you use this plugin then you get fast your websites, and must you get well ranked in your website posts.


Lastly, I am telling you that the above 7 plugins are the best for WordPress for anybody. If you want to use then you can these for free or paid version. Above all of the plugins are mostly use for better blogging nowadays.

So, if you can use then must you will help with this plugin. When you search about this plugin then you see that all of the plugins are installed by millions of people in the world.