10+ Best WordPress Recipe Plugins for Bloggers 2024

There are many blogs in the internet world that deliver different blog post about different recipes when we are searching about this then we discovered. But many blogs can not be describing different describe food recipes. Here if you use the Best WordPress Recipe Plugins then you can write the best recipe blog post which must be great and people will choose another blog post.

Don’t worry about this blog post and if you want to create the best blog post then it will be better without any developer or any designer and any blog expert.

Here I will publish or trying to share the best WordPress recipe plugins with all of them which must be helpful for creating blog recipe posts easily.

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Best WordPress Recipe Plugins for Food Blogs

1. Wp Recipe Maker:

Wp Recipe Maker plugins created by the Bootstrapped Ventures team. It helps you when you create a blog post or page and must you help with your blog post SEO. This is the best Best WordPress Recipe Plugins for recipe makers.

Follow the below description or some features of these plugins.

1. Here you can add the classic editor and Gutenberg editor.

2. It is easy to use with the work follow editor and can you use Google recipe search.

3. It helps for any visitors o rate using from the user comments.

4. This is the clean recipe prints for any visitors.

5. For this plugin you can use any video and photo that will be helpful for visitors.

wp recipe maker

2. Tasty Recipes:

We know that this plugin used in very popular blogs in the world such as Pinch of Yum, Hoast the Toast, and many other blogs for creating a great blog post for its user.

This popular plugin created by the Wp Tasty, and this is the better plugin for creating a better best recipe blog using for different users.

Follow the below features used by the recipes.

1. You can import easily recipes from the other most popular plugins.

2. This plugin can easily be optimized for different search engines such as Google, Pinterest, and many other search engines.

3. This plugin can easily embed any video and all of the metadata.

4. You can create your recipes ready and monetized and inserts ads and print them on the pages.

5. With this plugin you can show star ratings for your audience.

6. Last point I am telling you that you can add with this plugin much more.

wp tasty

3. Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM:

We know that this plugin is free for bloggers and it using for created very good recipes. We also know that this plugin created by the WPZOOM for using recipes blog in the world.

Here I have shared with you some of the features from the Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM.

1. This is helpful for recipe cards and Schema Markup.

2. Here these plugins detailing all of the recipes that will help visitors.

3. This is the Ingredients plugin which using for food visitors.

4. We also know that this is the deletional plugin for visitors.

Here I am telling you that this is the best and useful plugin for any visitors who are using recipe plugins at different times.

wp zoom

4. Le Chef:

Le chef is the best premium plugin for food bloggers and it created by the AA team for all of the food bloggers in the world. We called here that this is the best and complete food plugin that will help bloggers.

Below some features of Le Chef Plugin

1. It helps us easily time estimated duration for all of the recipes.

2. This plugin added the grocery list which can be helpful for you if you have not any ingredients.

3. Here the recipe filter helps all the visitors for getting the perfect recipe in a minute.

4. When the audience searches for a good recipe then help this plugin for finding good recipes.

5. We know that those who are bloggers can use this plugin for various support and that will be helpful for different recipe users.

le chef

5. Total Recipe Generator for Elementor:

Total recipe plugin is the Cool add-on plugin that could add the most popular page builder Elementor. We know that nowadays, the page builder plugin Elementor is super popular for all bloggers in the world.

This popular food plugin created by Saurabh Sharma, and he is the founder of Code Canyon. This is the best plugin that will help you make a high-quality recipe at any time.

Below some features of this plugin

1. Since it is an add-on in the main plugin Elementor then you can use drag-and-drop features which is added already to the main plugin.

2. Here if you can a developer then you can modify the core template by copying inside any theme when you want this.

3. This plugin so easily creates pins for pinterest.

4. The nutrition label can measure this plugin and 4 nutrition label styles, 40+ built-in nutrients with the daily values.

5. Lastly called all of you that this the best and most helpful plugin for bloggers who are tried to build a recipe blog for earnings.

recipe generator plugin

6. Cooked:

Cooked is the best and super free plugin which you help create display recipe with your WordPress blog. This plugin created by the great team name is Boxy Studio.

Below some of these features which can help you create a recipe.

1. This plugin automatically makes different recipes for different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

2. Cooked plugin is a drag and drop builder that can help you look design and it can ingredients, directions, and any other help.

3. This plugin is developer-friendly, so it’s you use easily and it can be optimized easily for creating WordPress recipes.

4. This is the serving switcher, so you can add amounts of ingredients and depend on adding the servings.

5. User ratings allow all the users and can rate the recipes star rating and add thumbs up and down which you want.

6. When all of the audience submit their recipe idea then they can it easily.

7. Here added modern grid layout and full-width layout easily.



7. CookBook:

We also know that CookBook is the best premium WordPress recipe plugin that will help you creating various recipes easily. Many bloggers in the world using this plugin for their recipes for various audiences.

Below some of the features with CookBook Plugin

1. It is a great and useful plugin for optimized SEO.

2. Your nutrition data can be so easy when you use this helpful plugin.

3. When you use this plugin then you can easily be printing your recipe for various audiences.

4. You can add here ‘Jump to Recipe’ option that can help your audience getting the various recipe to your blog.

5. If you add this plugin recipe ratings will be available on search engines.

6. All of the developers love it for their different activities.


8. Recipe Box:

Recipe box created by Daext and Envato power elite author. Recipe box another famous premium plugin that you can get from CodeCanyon. There are many recipe plugins which are support create many recipes that are helpful for us. Here Recipe Box is the great and famous which is using millions of blogger for creating their various recipe daily based.

Here are some of the features of this Best WordPress recipe plugin

1. if you want various options such as description, images, instruction, cook time. prep time and total time then you can add these features easily if you use the Recipe box plugin.

2. All users can rate your recipes easily and shortly.

3. If you use this plugin rich snipped automatically generated for your post optimized.

4. If you use this then the 60+ option can be customized automatically.

5. Lastly, tell you that more help you can get from this plugin easily. So Recipe box is great and more helpful for all the users who are want to start recipe blogs.

recipe box

9. Zip Recipes:

Zip Recipes is one of the free WordPress recipe plugins which can be helpful for you and if you want to use this. If you use this plugin then you can get more traffic from different search engines. Zip recipes can be used easily and it has importance for using recipes blog for all bloggers.

Below some of the features which are the best for using this plugin

1. It can easily optimize your recipes and can you get a higher rank on search engines.

2. When you have used this plugin then you can get improve your search result and improve user experience instantly.

3. If you want to create rich recipes then you can create easily and then you can get more traffic from Pinterest.

4. Here you can add all of the images, highlight specific parts of your blob’s recipes, and can you give users the ability to download frequently.

5. You can here add embed ads and can you easily an affiliate.

6. Lastly, Zip Recipes give you much more useful facilities for free use.

zip recipes


10. Delicious Recipes:

Delicious is one of the best and free plugins for its user and has a great user experience. This is the most powerful plugin and has great features that are essential for all recipe bloggers. We know that this theme is completely free and has advanced features and can use it without no paying. This is the Best WordPress Recipe Plugins for food bloggers.

Below some of the features of the Delicious Recipes

1. You can great optimization your blog using this plugin and get so advantage over your competitors.

2. Its service is the best and ingredients measure without any problem.

3. If you use these plugins then must you can get interactive recipes to result. reader comments and social shares.

4. If you use this plugin then you can share your recipe post to Pinterest.

5. On the other hand, if you use this plugin then can you easily match its layout and color.

delicious recipes


Above these plugins is the best and great for all recipes blogger and if they are using this plugin then they will can much of priority with any recipe blog. Now you should choose which plugin you would use and get more facilities for the blogging platform.

If you read above about the plugins then you can get some free plugins and some of the premium plugins. Here I am telling you that Wp Recipe Maker and Tasty Recipes are great and it will helpful for you always.

On the other hand, if you use another plugin that would be very helpful then you can use CookBook and another is Le Chef.

Finally, I recommended that above all of recipe plugins are the most important and very useful for recipes blogger in the world and who want to start a great recipe blog then firstly they should choose one plugin which describes above this list.