Top 100+ Best Social Bookmarking Sites List 2024 With Do-follow High DA

In this blog post , I’m going to discus the Best Social Sharing Sites that help to rank my site on google ,Bing and Yahoo, Yandex and other search engines. This list 60+ best social sharing sites. It will be playing vital role for ranking , indexing and improve visibility on any search engines.

What is the social networking service?

A social networking service is an online platform which people use to build social networks or social relationships with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. Social networking services vary in format and the number of features. Wikipedia

Best Social Bookmarking Sites:

Social sharing sites are allow to submit and share users posts. These sites are high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). You have to complete the sign-up process of social sites. Then you can submit and sharing your posts to these social sharing sites.


Advantages of Best Social Bookmarking Sites:

Huge benefits you can get from best Social Bookmarking Sites . These sites are with high DA, PA and a large number of audiences. So your site will get the quality do-follow backlinks, high organic traffic, increase in SEO score and Domain Authority. As a result revenue from your site will increase. It will be helpful to rank your site on Google.

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How to Bookmarks or Submit Best Social Bookmarking Sites:

First to select some high pr social bookmarking sites list to do bookmarking from the list bellow. It’s a dynamic website where you should make an account to access it.

Go to the links given below. Complete sign-up process. Add your site’s homepage link in the profile section if allowed. Read the terms and conditions of every site. Submit posts by the following post submitting process and rules. Increase your activity by sharing your posts and reading other’s posts.

Social Bookmarking Sites List In US:

I will share you some ranked and high domain authority (DA)  and High Page Authority (PA) US social bookmarking sites which provide you high quality backlinks and traffic . It’s increase your site visibility on search engine and ranked also help your site off-page SEO with link juice.


Facebook on of the most popular social bookmarking site in the US and also all over the world. The site is well ranked in us(5) and global(7), it’s up and down always not fixed. You can bookmark your post using Facebook mobile also. Facebook android apps can give you this opportunity with the Facebook app. You can also choose here Facebook page to categories your blog post separately to publish on this site.


Reddit is another of the most popular social bookmarking site in the US. The site is well ranked in us(6) and global(18). It’s up and down always not fixed. You can use it in your mobile by Reddit apps and share your post. You can create your own SubReddit after completed their SubReddit rules and share or bookmark your site post here.


If you are an existing user of StumbleUpon then you can automatically move to mix. Stumpleupon is now converted to Mix profile check the Mix profile. This site to increase your web visitors from the US and Canada. Mix is Most popular social bookmarking site in the US even all other markets use this profile to marketing their newbie blog or web project. Also, you can bookmark your all profile link in this site form a social link bar.


Digg is on of the most popular social bookmarking site where you can easily share your site link. When you create Digg account you can add your root domain on Digg profile link. When you want to submit your post on Digg you find a option called submit your story from offer option in Digg webpage.

Scoop is a popular Content Curation or content marketing Tool in marketplace. You can use this social bookmarking site for professional or business purpose. First need to sign up or create an account through your email and create a category for a free account. Then share your website post or link for content marketing and get more visitors with link juice!


Bookmarking Sites List For SEO With High DA and PA

Bookmarking is the major part of Off Page SEO and link building is the second method for SEO.You can explain it with Lind Building Methods or Off Page Optimization. When it comes to SEO then first is setup your site called On-Page SEO for search engines friendly.

Actually Link building depends on where you make the backlinks for your website, You can get help better for link building or website ranking, Like Guest Posting, Email Outreach, Web 2.0, Forum Posting, Social Bookmarking is one of an enlisted part to make better backlinks.


No Name of Social Sharing Site DA PA
1 100 100
2 100 100
3 98 83
4 98 81
5 97 88
6 97 93
7 96 89
8 95 82
9 93 78
10 92 73
11 92 76
12 92 43
13 92 74
14 92 75
15 92 73
16 92 75
17 92 69
18 91 69
19 91 69
20 91 73
21 91 63
22 87 66
23 86 69
24 82 49
25 82 65
26 81 67
27 72 61
28 69 59
29 68 59
30 65 55
31 62 51
32 61 50
33 61 50
34 61 50
35 58 53
36 55 51
37 54 54
38 52 48
39 49 45
40 47 43
41 94 86
42 92 69
43 87 68
44 83 64
45 79 65
46 79 64
47 71 58
48 69 51
49 66 56
50 61 49
51 58 51
52 56 48
53 52 51
54 47 44
55 46 41
56 42 47
57 41 42
58 38 38
59 78 65
60 77 59
61 75 60

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