10+ Best WordPress Slider Plugins in 2024 [Free & Paid]

If you are a WordPress blogger then you need some plugins such as slider plugins which is essential for all WordPress websites. Here I am describing the best WordPress slider plugins for creating the best WordPress website. I f you want to share your blog post, images, video content, and others then you need to use WordPress slider plugins.

On the other hand, if you want to show off your customer testimonials and your latest blog post’s images and other media on your blog’s them you should use slider plugins for better. We many bloggers want to show to all people our blog’s testimonials to other people then we can use slider plugins. If anyone uses the slider plugin with their websites then their blog posts will be attractive to all people.

So, I am now discussing what slider plugin is useful for you when you use it for your blog posts. There are many slider plugins uses with different WordPress website but here I am giving you the 10 best WordPress slider plugins which are very essential for you.

If you follow this post then you can guess which plugins are better than other plugins. Let’s know which is the best slider plugin for WordPress websites at all times.

10 Best Slider Plugins For WordPress

1. Slider Revolution:

slider revolution plugin

Nowadays Slider revolution is the best-selling slider plugin that using WordPress websites. All users love this WordPress plugin for its various activities. Besides, It can create stunning elements without any coding. So, you can use this plugin easily for your WordPress websites. Here I am trying to give you all features of the Slider Revolution. We know it is the best WordPress slider plugins at this time.


  • It has a new visual editor
  • Near about 200+ templates
  • It has 20+ addons
  • It has 2000+ elements objects library
  • It has a lifetime update process

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2. Kreatura Slider Plugin:

kreatura slider plugin

This is another best-selling and top-rated slider plugin for WordPress websites. Many bloggers in the world using this plugin for their websites. These plugins easily can create sliders, images, slideshows, and easily can create landing pages for WordPress websites. It has many features which essential for WordPress websites. If you want to use this plugin then you can follow the features below listed.


  • It has a new animation engine
  • It is the premium slider templates
  • It has fully responsive layouts
  • It is the most SEO friendly optimized
  • You can easily use this plugin

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3. Master Slider:

master slider

The master slider is another best-selling and top-rated WordPress plugin that we can use with our websites for various activities. Touch screens are available with this plugin. You can use your smartphones, tablets, and other more devices easily. When it’ll use various visitors then they get a nice navigation experience and touch the WordPress images slider. It has many features listed below and you can follow these features and we know that this plugin is best responsive which need always for mobile visitors basically.

  • It has 70+ pre-built sliders
  • It has a visual editor
  • It has a transition editor
  • It has WooCommerce integration
  • It is the fully responsive
  • Best selling plugin

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4. Slaido:

slaido plugins

Salido is another best selling WordPress plugin and it allows you to browse through more than 300 slider templates in your WordPress dashboard and you can one-click installation. Just it calls in one-click installation. We know that it is the complete slider carousel plugin for WordPress. It comes with more than 300 responsive templates and can it one-click installation. On the other hand, it comes with more than 100 niche templates that want many bloggers in the world. It has some features which should we know for creating WordPress websites. So, follow the below list for knowing all of Slaido features.


  • It is fully responsive sliders
  • So easy to import or export
  • It’s a smooth animation
  • It has all PSD source files
  • Can you get a lifetime update?

5. Ultimate 3D Plugin:

ultimate 3d plugin

It is the best WordPress website plugin. If you looking different WordPress image slider? Then you can use this plugin easily. Also, it is called the WordPress carousel plugin. When you use this plugin then you see different colors when you clicking your websites. On the other hand when you clicking then you see multimedia content with this plugin. We called it 3D multimedia content. It can use multimedia content and it’s fully responsive. It has many features and if you follow the below list you can get all of the features.


  • It supports unlimited categories
  • It is the shortcode generator
  • It is the customizable thumbnails
  • It has customizable effects
  • It can add multiple stances on the same page

6. Multimedia Responsive Carousel:

multimedia responsive carousel

When we started a new website then we sometimes need video content and this plugin helps us creating video content. It’s called also a video Slider plugin that can create video content for WordPress websites. It has also a great option that can help us in creating video and audio content easily. Many bloggers use this plugin for creating audio and video content with this plugin. It has also more features which will be helpful for us. If you need to use this plugin then you can use this plugin undoubtedly for creating your multimedia content.


  • It has touch screen navigation
  • It has a fully responsive design
  • It has to skins black and white
  • It can create video and audio content
  • It supports links for images
  • It has an autoplay parameter
  • And many more

7. Royal Slider WordPress Carousel:

royal slider

Royal Slider Carousel is another best WordPress slider plugin for any WordPress website. When we are using the carousel plugin then we can get various options such as image content, slider content, audio and video content, and much more. We can use this plugin as a downloaded slider. This plugin already used by world-famous companies such as Coca-Cola, Ralph Lauren, Land Rover, and many companies’ websites. So we want to use our websites such as downloadable content then we can use this plugin for better WordPress websites. Also, it has some features that can help you with using WordPress websites. Below some of the feature which needs to know about this plugin.

  • It has multiple sliders per page
  • It is the touch-swipe navigation support
  • It is the fully responsive design
  • It has verticle, horizontal and other facilities

8. Logos Showcase:

logo showcase

Logos Showcase is one of the best WordPress slider plugins in the WordPress world. When we are thinking about using slider plugins then firstly we are choosing this slider plugin for WordPress. It has many features for creating content on WordPress. Actually, Logos Showcase using at this time for grid images and if anyone wants to create internal and external link then they can use this plugin properly. On the other hand, if you use this plugin then can you changing coloring images easily. So, here I am telling you that Logos Showcase is the most useful slider plugin for WordPress websites.


  • You can display images in three ways
  • Can here auto scroll enabled
  • Can control of transition speed
  • Can control URLs to each logo
  • Can open the same page or on a new page.

9. Progress Map:

progress map

Progress Map is one of the best WordPress slider plugins. If you want to add the Google map feature then you can use the progress map slider plug for better websites. When we visit many blogs then we discovered Google Maps on of the websites. Actually, here we can add Google map by this plugin. Many bloggers use this plugin for creating the best Google Map. Many websites users aim to users create WordPress sites that help create listings such as hotel lists, restaurant lists, real estate lists, and many more. So, if we use this plugin then we can create easily all of the listings that’s are writing already. We know it has various features if you want to know about it follow below the list and get all of the features at this plugin.


  • This plugin can be positioned right, left, and under the map
  • It provides clustered map markers
  • It is the fully resizeable
  • You can connect the plugin with any custom post type
  • Can create Google map easily
  • Can Google maps point easily

10. Global Gallery WordPress Carousel:

global gallery plugin

Global Gallery Carousel is one of the best WordPress slider plugins which is essential for many bloggers in the world. When we start a blog then we should use some plugins which need to improve our WordPress websites. Global Gallery such as the most important for slider posts. We also know that the Global Gallery plugin is an image slider plugin that can help up create galleries for a variety of image sources including Flickr, Facebook, and many other social media.

On the other hand, We can create with this plugin WordPress custom elements, RSS feed, and many others. It can help us with creating responsive images and many more. It has some features and if you follow this you can get all of the features with the Global Gallery WordPress Carousel plugin.


  • It has four gallery layouts
  • Drag and drop systems
  • It has an Image filter
  • It can image responsive sizing
  • It has multi-column layouts
  • And many more


The above 10 slider plugin is most important for many WordPress blogs. If anyone wants to create sliding plages, Google map, best layout system with blogs, various column system, audio, and video content then they can use the above plugins for better service. We know without plugins we can not think create a better WordPress blog. So if you want to slider blogs then you should follow the above plugin for creating the various designs. Because slider plugins are most essential for some specific blogs.